Scripting 2018

(Disregarding the fact that we are nearing the end of January,) Happy 2018!

It’s always a trip reflecting back on the year before. In 2017, I felt extra self-aware as a millennial and one of the many things I realized as our world becomes progressively more digital was that we are forgetting the look and feel of paper. As an Environmentalist, it brings me joy knowing that we are progressing towards a paperless society. However, in the last 3-5 years as I have become more active in the events industry and with my friends getting married one by one, I have rediscovered a strong sense of nostalgia and connection while handing off stationery suites to photographers on Wedding Days as much as receiving beautifully intricate invitations personally addressed to me via snail mail!

On top of that, I missed writing, not as in stringing together thoughts for this post, but the physical act of writing and penmanship (remember the class you took in the 2nd grade? :D). After high school, I practically stopped owning a pen, and who knows how long it has been since I’ve bought a notebook or legal pad. With the exception of being a pro at bubbling in Scantrons and scrawling chicken scratch at light speed on Blue Books during Midterms and Finals, almost all my notes and assignments were typed out on my laptop in college, and this practice transferred with me into the working world.

In the past year, I have become enamored by lettering and started practicing (read: doodling) in my spare time. I love creativity, but I don’t feel like a very creative individual, so lettering is the happy medium that expresses my artistic side through drawing pretty letters! 🙂 While I do experience moments of frustration as I am basically relearning to write, as does anyone picking up a new language or craft, I am having the best time creating word art, and celebrating mini victories when I master (or get closer to mastering) something I have been working on.

I’m happy to share my progress along the way, starting with one of my firsts: 

Lettering 00.png
Lettering Exercise | 11 Jan 2018


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